Skin Brigadier General Pin
Brigadier General Pin Price17.72$ USD OPSkins 35.00 $ USD
Skin Howl Pin
Howl Pin Price69.00$ USD OPSkins 30.00 $ USD
Skin Hydra Pin
Hydra Pin Price6.60$ USD OPSkins 4.40 $ USD
Skin Aces High Pin
Aces High Pin Price10.23$ USD OPSkins 8.30 $ USD
Skin Easy Peasy Pin
Easy Peasy Pin Price5.00$ USD OPSkins 7.24 $ USD
Skin Wildfire Pin
Wildfire Pin Price7.32$ USD OPSkins 1.50 $ USD
Skin Inferno 2 Pin
Inferno 2 Pin Price4.28$ USD OPSkins 2.99 $ USD
Skin Death Sentence Pin
Death Sentence Pin Price4.00$ USD OPSkins 2.99 $ USD
Skin Welcome to the Clutch Pin
Welcome to the Clutch Pin Price6.63$ USD OPSkins 5.00 $ USD
Skin Canals Pin
Canals Pin Price3.42$ USD OPSkins 1.73 $ USD
Skin Guardian 3 Pin
Guardian 3 Pin Price3.56$ USD OPSkins 8.10 $ USD

Collectible Pins Capsule Series 3


2 Covert
2 Classified
3 Restricted
4 Mil-spec
11 Total



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